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Airi has a unique and lucrative opportunity for skilled Agents who can look after our Members digital marketing and website update requests. If you’re a strong digital marketer who is looking for extra income, you have found the right place.

Airi matches tasks with your skills so you can do your best possible work every time.


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Turn it on when you want to work and turn it off when you don’t. Airi is the best part time job ever.

Airi a self regulated system. Our members rate the work of our Agents and our Agents rate the conduct of our members. Our self-regulated system ensures that everybody wins and that everyone can expect the best work possible for the time spent. Airi is a new model and it’s about to disrupt everything.

Airi will only accept the best Agents to work with our Members.

Airi requires two telephone references, skills testing and a telephone interview. You are paid on demand directly to your Paypal or other payment account. The more skills and high ratings you get the more work you will get.

Once you are an agent, you work through the Airi platform to communicate with Members and get your tasks for each Request. You can also contact Airi for help at any time.

If you’re mobile, Airi can go with you.

Much of the work requested by Airi members can be done on your mobile phone. You can make money while you're on the bus headed to work!

How do I get paid?

Current Airi Credit Value:

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Airi is different, but different is good.

Airi operates under it's own internal currency, Airi Credits. Airi Members buy Airi Credits to put toward building or maintaining and protecting their internet presence. Airi assigns a Credit Value to each Request and shares that Credit Value with Airi Agents, 80/20 Agent/Airi.

Agents access Airi after 2 reference checks. Once you’re in, you have access to Request Central where you will see Member Requests based on their skill sets. You will also see how much you get paid for each request and see how much cash you’re making, real time.

When the work is completed and the Member has approved, the Airi Agent is paid 80% of the total Request value to their Airi account.

Airi Agents follow a detailed scope of work provided by Airi for each Request. However, Airi Agents use their own ingenuity and expertise to make things better for Airi Members wherever they turn online.


Here is an example of what our members buy from Airi and the type of work that Airi Agents perform

You have the freedom to turn it on and off at your convenience. You can litteraly work any time in any place that has internet.