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Mike uses Airi to keep an eye on his website and search engine ranking.

Airi monitors Mike's website in real time and helps him stay safe online, make content updates and increase his search engine ranking.

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Judy and Ron use Airi to track their advertising results.

Airi's reports help them keep up with results and be smart about spending. Airi delivers opportunities and they decide if it fits or not.

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Rachel keeps up with her social media and online reviews.

Airi helps busy business owners like Rachel keep up with social media and reviews. Airi lets her know when it's important for her to respond.

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Earl uses Airi to help him help small business owners.

Airi helps consultants who help small businesses by providing real time digital marketing and cyber security insights and a built in global facility to do quality work at a great price.

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Samantha uses Airi to make some extra money.

Airi has lots of opportunities for skilled digital marketers who want some part time income. Airi works with the best people so our members get the best possible service.

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